Partner With Us

The strides we’ve been making in the mobile industry has allowed investors and retailers to do what they do best – get behind a catalogue of winning products. By keeping up with the mobile market’s recent developments and designing for tomorrow, we’ve future-proofed our range for global users.

We offerSmartphones with high-end specsat affordable priceswith the latest operating systems providing the right experience with Mobile Apps. Tapping into users’ need to remain connected with the world, making full use of the various offerings from the App market, as well as the joys of a larger screen is where we excel. We give our customer what they need, when they need it – fast processors, impressive hardware housed in sleek designs all at a price that looks and feels great today. Magnus phones are available across Middle East, East Africaand CIS through our strong network of Distribution and Retail partners.


After Sales Care You Can Rely On

With a network of 20 Service locations, you’ll find us right by your side to fix the glitches so that you don’t miss your phone for long. Our after sales care consultants are on hand to trouble shoot, resolving matters efficiently and professionally so no one is left twiddling their thumbs without a working handset.

Our range is designed to be the kind of savvy investment that customers are proud of making. We know our market isn’t made up of individuals that upgrade and dispose of handsets frequently, so we’ve built a range that lasts.


Why partner with us?

High-quality Certified phones, futuristic and slim designs, reliable network of service centres, Win-Win partner friendly business models. If you’re ready to partner with a winning brand, get in touch today and we can discuss the best options for you and your business. We want to hear from you. Say Hello!